Hi I'm Jess and my quick elevator pitch is basically as follows.

I love social media, I know sometimes it gets a bad rap for various reasons, but when used for the right things, BOOM life just became easier. We now have access to so many amazing businesses and people that we would undoubtedly have never found.

As a digital marketer and strategist it is absolutely endless what we can achieve through these platforms. 
So corny but absolutely true that if you love what you do then you'll never work a day in your life, and I won't say I'm lucky enough to say that because it wasn't really luck that brought me here, so I've worked hard enough to be able to say I wholeheartedly love what I do, every, single, day.
Aside from my business I'm also a wife to my incredibly supportive husband and a mother to my two beautiful girls and/or terrors depending on the day. Becoming a mum and working from home allowed me to take a step back and really think about what I loved to do, what I felt passionate about and what I wanted to lean in towards once my girls weren't so dependent on me.

In a world full or small businesses and entrepreneurs I definitely have found my place between helping these people recognise what and how they want to achieve success and how they can actually get there through strategic marketing and social media.
Just because you have access to social media platforms and a fantastic product doesn't mean you are marketing it well or that you are being seen as much as you possibly could be. I thrive on helping businesses reach their full potential and when you see an owner just GET IT, finally understand what they've been missing and the small changes that can make a huge impact, well thats my day made and the reason I do what I do.

I'm based in Brisbane, Queensland, but I work with individuals and businesses all over Australia. I mainly work in digital marketing, strategy and social media but I also incorporate some business and mindset into the mix where appropriate, because I do believe that a business as a whole needs to be aligned.
I am also now a qualified Graphic Designer (thank you Shillington!) so I also love to help with design and branding where I can.

If you aren't already following me on Instagram or facebook make sure you head over to see more of what I'm all about and a whole lot about what I can do for you and your business! 

Jess x