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Emily Buchanan is a mother, a creative, a photographer, a micro influencer and works part time! Em has been able to grow her following on Instagram to over 4k sharing snippets of her gorgeous children, her photography and her eye for beautiful things. 

I hope this interview inspires you to follow your dreams, passions and ambitions because you never know where they mightl lead you. 

Enjoy! x


Emily Buchanan - influencer, photographer and creative



Emily, tell us a bit about yourself, maybe something that not many people know about you?

Well HI! I’m Emily, a mother to two little crazy’s named Hudson (6) and Milla (4)! You have stunned me straight way with something people don’t know... umm I had half my thyroid removed - it was 198 grams 😳 It just blew up in my neck while pregnant with Milla, and I couldn’t even lift my hands above my head without my airways becoming blocked by it... so out it came 

When did you realise that people were s interested in what you had to share on Instagram and start building your platform following?

I realised people were interested in what I was sharing when I would always get a lot of story replies and messages asking where I was, or what my kids were wearing! I would often have people message me asking me where to find clothes for the kids, or where they can go for a day out.

What brands have you worked with in collaboration and sponsorship so far?

I have worked with so many amazing brands!! To name a few ALDI, Royal Canin dog food and Macro meals! I am so excited for 2021 as I already have so many amazing brands that I am working with at the moment!

If a business owner is reading this, tell us a little about the process you would typically go through, from being first approached from a brand through to the end. Do you have any tips for small businesses looking to work with micro influencers?

When I first get a message from a business owner I literally die with excitement… I’m not even kidding! There is no better feeling than a brand reaching out wanting to work with me. I love being able to create content for businesses, and promote them on my page to my followers! my advice to small businesses looking to work with micro influencers would be look at their followers!! Make sure they have genuine followers with in your customer market e.g. children, mums etc. it is really easy to spot a fake!

How long do you spend on creating content and engaging with your audience? 

This is the part that people really don’t get about Instagram. They think it’s all pretty pictures and that it would be easy… It is FAR from easy. When a brand normally reaches out I will look at their profile and their tag photos, and gauge what sort of content they usually like. Then I have to get creative and think of something I can bring to the table. Then there is prepping for that photo, taking the photo, editing the photo and then thinking of a caption and then uploading. This sometimes can be hours upon hours !!! I would spend at least 2 hours a day engaging with my audience which includes commenting on people’s photos, replying to messages and looking for inspiration. Insta life isn’t as easy as our profiles look  

For someone looking to build a following on Instagram (business or personal) what advice would you offer?

f someone is looking at building the following on Instagram I would totally say start engaging! Find your niche client or alike profiles and give them a few likes and comments. Posting yourself on your stories is another good one so people have that emotional connection with you. It is so hard talking on your stories… Trust me I literally cringed at the sound of my voice but it always is really well received.

When did you first realise your passion for photography was more than a hobby?

I realised I had a passion for photography after I had had Milla. I had always loved photos and taking photos. I got a flyer in the mail to do a photography course locally and I thought stuff it I’ll call and see what it was about. They told me that it was Wednesday nights from 6-9pm. I don’t know what made me but I just signed up and never looked back! The course was great! I learnt so so much in that class!

Do you set goals, short or long term? Or did you set a New Years Intention for 2021?

My only intention for 2021 is to live a little, and put myself out there. I don’t really set goals as such… I’ll just kind of go with the flow.

How do you find  balance? Being a mum, an entrepreneur,  working part time, your amazing fitness journey , friends etc?

I literally have no balance ha ha ha you will often hear me say my house is trashed, or that I have about 500 loads of washing to fold. It’s really hard juggling mum life, Instagram, working, and then being your own self. I often go to Kmart at night alone, or we go and have some drinks with the girls and let our hair down a little.

For people looking to  get into the photography Industry what advice would you have for them?

I would literally say just go for it! What is the worst that could happen you would be in the same position you are now. Just do it girl!

Who are your favourite accounts to follow on Instagram?

Some of my favourite accounts on Instagram are Fawn and finch - I feel like I secretly want to be her BFF! She wears gorgeous clothes, and shows some amazing small brands including her own! Another account I love is Brittney Saunders - she’s that funny.. love her and her values plus she’s body goals! I also love following all my friends - it feels like I’m with them watching their stories and catching up on their lives :)

If you had an opportunity to tell your 18 year old something – a piece of wisdom, a warning or give her a glimpse into her future, what would you say?

My advice would be... 

-School doesn’t matter and 
-Your path will just pave itself as you walk it. Everything happens for a reason and it may not look like a lesson but it is!!
Head over to Emilys page to follow along on her journey 


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