BREAK IT DOWN - 'GO TO' By Zoe Foster Blake


So this is the very first 'Break It Down' segment! We will explore one brands digital marketing platforms and literally break down their strategy and talk about what they are doing well within their marketing and branding. 

So the very first segment is - Go-To the on trend, "clean, uncomplicated and effective" skincare range by Zoe Foster Blake. 

Zoe has a background as a beauty editor but she is also an author of some crazy good books, a mum and the wife of a comedian so there is no second guessing that her copywriting skills are beyond amazing. The tone of voice for Go-To hits the spot across all platforms including their website and email communication. Zoe has an extremely clear understanding of who her target customers and audiences are and that is exactly who she is speaking to. The brand is so consistent with their copy and content that you could easily take away logos and insta handles and still know what brand the content comes from. Memorability, authenticity and transparency are key values that the company embodies in each piece of content they produce. 

The Go-To tone of voice embodies expertise when it comes to their product- the skincare and everything related to our skin that we need to know about- but the wit is what keeps us engaged and entertained. So we come for the product and stay for the laughs. It's clear through consistent copy and branding that Go-To are looking to target women who need a low fuss, straight up easy to follow skin care routine. The packaging is young, fun and flirty but it is still versatile for someone a bit older also looking for a simple routine that gets the job done. The products aren't cheap so they are targeted to a specific demographic who can afford the skincare range. Apart from their ecommerce site they are exclusively stocked in Sephora and Mecca further cementing the fact that their target audience is on the younger side but old enough to know that they need to start using SPF moisturiser and face oil (eek so what will we say 28+ ? ;))

So they have a clear understanding of who their target audience is and the tone of voice that they use to reach them. They nail the branding to capture their attention and key messages to communicate the customers pain points and how they solve them. Let's now break down their platforms! First cab off the rank, Instagram.  


Go-To Instagram 


Handle: @gotoskincare

Followers: 211k (which raised 2k in about a week that I first documented) 

Bio: States what they are, who its by, where you can purchase with a link to their website, nice and simple

Branding: Logo in display image, branded highlight tiles which continues on throughout content, simply peachy

Stories: Feature Zoe giving a personalised touch/face of the brand, lots of pain points and how they solve them, stop motion videos, testimonials and all the good stuff

Content: There is a consistent tone of voice throughout stories, posts and IGTV. Content also is a mix of behind the scenes, product shots, people using the products, branded tiles and LOTS of video and stop motion (extra bonus points for these). They also include testimonials (love!) and again use pain points to reach the right audience

Hashtags: It's interesting to note that they don't use any Hashtags, especially when they are sold in Sephora in the States, I would think they would benefit from using hashtags especially targeted to beauty bloggers or lovers that shop at Sephora and Mecca who in turn encourage their audiences to do the same

Engagement: Obviously not having access to insights its hard to tell but there seems to be a lot of views/likes on posts but not as many comments. Comments can be encouraged with more calls to action like asking or followers to tag their friends, comment below or encouraging some kind of interaction. 


Go-To Email 


  • Clear headings
  • Eye catching, consistent content
  • Targeted to specific pain points
  • On brand tone of voice
  • Calls to action, always leads back to the website 
  • Timely - not too persistent but regular enough (For example 2020 so far Jan22, Jan26, Jan28, Jan30, Feb05, Feb13)
  • KISS- 'Keep it simple stupid' method: the emails are not overloading with information they focus on one thing at a time


Go-To Facebook


Likes: 38.6K (up from 38.3k roughly a week ago) 

  • Facebook shop takes you straight to their website
  • Instant brand recognition, consistent branding and tone of voice
  • Private Facebook group created Dec 2 2019 with 6700 members (up from 6500 a week ago) 
  • Great recommendations/testimonials 
  • Sharing Go-To blog posts 
  • Lots of images, stop motion images, video
  • Not huge engagement levels (possibly not the highest used platform by their target audience but they still repurpose content to share) 
  • Haven't posted since December 2019 
  • Featured video of the founder Zoe pinned to top 
  • Video content is broken down into 3 categories so its easy to find what information you need
  • TARGETED ADS- after being on their website/Facebook page I got a few sponsored ads show up in my feed



  • My request to join was approved within 10 minutes
  • Branded really well
  • Live videos including a video of Zoe's master class 
  • Community engagement and responding to questions is top notch! 
  • Clearly states that the group was created for their community to share hacks, specials/treats for members, to help them all connect as a community of Go-To users and lovers
  • There is lots going on in the community I highly rate it, great job ladies



Subscribers: 1.03k

  • Branded well, consistent with other platforms 
  • Link on website leads to featured intro YouTube video 
  • Categories for targeted pain points (the best!) everything is easy to find 


Go-To Website


  • A pop up saying how bad pop ups are but asking you to sign up to their email anyway (at least they have a sense of humour) 
  • You can access their Go-To, Bro-To or Gro-To  brands from the top menu. It isn't overly obvious if you weren't looking for them
  • Its an easy to navigate menu
  • Banner stating free delivery on orders over $59 
  • They have information about their charity 
  • Lots of testimonials
  • Clear and consistent product images with white backgrounds 
  • Well branded and consistent product descriptions and copy 
  • An overall great and simple flow to the website, just like their product 
  • Chat option pop up 



  • Great sub categories again using wit "The Skin School, "The Zo Down" 
  • Featured/top ranking blogs to the right
  • A visual break down of each category it almost feels like a seperate website instead of just a blog 
  • Calls to action eg, share the posts via socials 
  • Posting regularly 
  • Community engagement, replying to all comments 



  • It would be great to see Go-To on Tik Tok considering they have such a witty and fun brand there is lots of content that would be relevant to the audiences on Tik Tok 


Snaps to Go-To and Zoe- what a fearless female leader with the best sense of humour. They got me hook line and sinker! 

 Featured Image from this link. 


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